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TinyXPath Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
TinyXPath::action_itemAction item for the XPath action placeholder
Able to store 1 quadruplet (3 integers and a string)
TinyXPath::action_storeThe XPath action stack
TinyXPath::byte_streamA Byte stream class, very crude
TinyXPath::expression_resultClass holding the result of an expression (e_expression_type)
TinyXPath::lex_tokenA lexical token stream, part of a single linked list
TinyXPath::node_setNode set class. A node set is an unordered collection of node
TinyXPath::ptr_and_flagInternal utility class for the node set sorting
TinyXPath::result_and_nextXpath_stack element. Derives from expression_result, and also contains a pointer to the next element on the stack
TinyXPath::syntax_errorException class for a syntax error
TinyXPath::syntax_overflowException class for an overflow in syntax decoding
TiXmlAttributeAn attribute is a name-value pair
TiXmlBaseTiXmlBase is a base class for every class in TinyXml
TiXmlCommentAn XML comment
TiXmlDeclarationIn correct XML the declaration is the first entry in the file
TiXmlDocumentAlways the top level node
TiXmlElementThe element is a container class
TiXmlElementNoDeleteUtility class to allow us to delete a TiXmlElement without its children
TiXmlHandleA TiXmlHandle is a class that wraps a node pointer with null checks; this is an incredibly useful thing
TiXmlNodeThe parent class for everything in the Document Object Model
TiXmlNodeManipUtility class to reset the parent, prev and next pointers of a node
TiXmlTextXML text
TiXmlUnknownAny tag that tinyXml doesn't recognize is saved as an unknown
TinyXPath::token_listA token list class
TinyXPath::token_redefRedefinition of a token_syntax_decoder, with an xpath_stream pointer
We could have made this a double dependency on token_syntax_decoder and xpath_stream, but this is not good pratice IMHO
TinyXPath::token_syntax_decoderXPath syntax decoder class
TinyXPath::xpath_processorXPath execution class
TinyXPath::xpath_stackThe XPath execution stack
All elements are result_and_next elements
TinyXPath::xpath_streamA specialized version of byte_stream for XPath

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